Marketing is…

 I like to say “Marketing is a Process not an Absolute”  I think I actually came up with it.   There are many definitions about marketing, but the following 7 tenets I  came acrosss hit the nail on the head. 

crowd 75.
Marketing is about your marketplace. Not about your product.

People 75
Marketing is about people. Their behaviour….what they do.

whisper 75.
Marketing is about listening. To your markets. To your customers.

ABC 75
Marketing is about learning. The market will tell you what to do.

Focus 75
Marketing is about focus. On the people you deliver value to.

perspective 75
Marketing is about perspective. A marketing point of view.

Baby Holding 75
Marketing is about your instincts. And coming to trust them.

I am not sure of the source of some of these, but I came across them from Mike Blaney


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