JMJ Direct publishes the 1st Episode of JMJ Direct TV

Welcome to JMJ Direct TV.

This will be a monthly show targeted at connecting with customers and prospective customers.  The goal is to find out what you need and bring fresh ideas for marketing and promotions to help grow your business.

Please give us feedback.  You are essential for 2 way communication.



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23 responses to “JMJ Direct publishes the 1st Episode of JMJ Direct TV

  1. Hard not to blink huh?
    Liked the end with the English dude’s comment.
    My computer stalled a few times when playing and it had to refresh a few times. But that’s probably cuz I have a small netbook I was using. Try to smile man!
    Look forward to February’s content.

    • Didnt realize I was blinking so much I will work on it. Tip for the buffering… If it happens, hit pause and let the red line get most of the way accross then play again. Thanks for the feedback. I will Smile more too.

  2. Claire

    John it is a great idea, but it kept cutting out, and it never finished playing. So can’t really comment on the contents, but love the idea.

  3. JM

    Great first episode
    Can’t wait for the next episode

  4. Lynette

    Thought it was good… but, the constant pause was getting annoying, not sure why it kept doing that??? I think the more you do it, the more relaxed you will be… loved the baseball ending!

  5. Kris Uhlenbrock

    My computer stalled a few times too, it kept clipping out, but I look forward to the next one!

  6. Ron Burgandy

    Great job, You’re a natural 🙂

  7. Great job! My buffering had a problem as well, which I have not experienced before. I suggest that you introduce yourself at the beginning especially for your new prospects! Look forward to seeing your future episodes!

  8. Uncle Bags

    Nice JC! My PC sputtered a bit too, but I paused, downloaded, then watched and it was fine after that. Dig the music choice!

    Great ideas – requires some guts to put yourself out there like that! Keep up the good work and I’ll keep waching.

    I think you need a hot babe in bikini as a side kick?? Just a marketing thought …


    • Uncle Bags,

      Thanks for watching. We will keep trying to bring new and fresh stuff… Hopefully I can keep getting feedback and really facilatate the 2 way communication. I will work on the bikini clad side kick.

  9. Michelle

    Looked good. Mine kept skipping out too. Curious why the long part with the song? Are you going to show new products? This is a perfect venue for that.

    Good luck and can’t wait till next month!

    • Michelle,
      That buffering is weird all you have to do is pause and wait a little then it will run through.

      The long song part at the end will be revised in the next episode.

      Yes we plan on trying to introduce new products and solutions. I am hoping to get plenty of feedback to facilatate 2 way communication.

      Thanks for watching

  10. Harold

    Very ambitious. Assuming this is someone’s first exposure to jmj direct (like mine), it may be nice to have a general intro. about the company, location, your name & title. Opening shot had you looking somewhere above camera but then quickly the eye contact came back. Volume seemed low, any way to clip a mic closer for clearer audio? Again, very ambitious and good luck. Approach is creative, keep pushing that angle.

  11. Chris Hann Krause


    Enjoyed the video, I think it is a great idea. It was great to see you it has been over 20 years since we graduated from Ship. I see your Sig Tau paddle in the background.

    Loved the music.
    Chris Hann Krause

  12. John F

    John,Good job, kept cutting out. Great idea ,offer more on the benifits of working with jmjdirect.

  13. Nice work John~! Great idea… I love it when someone thinks outside the box. Keep up the good work. Looking forward to the next one.

    Chris Chesar

  14. I think the content is good, need to improve the audio
    and look into the camera a lot more. Move toward the camera speak with excitement more. See my video at I would love to hear your feedback.

    • Caz,
      Thanks for watching and thanks fr your comments… I’m getting a bettermic for next episode… I’ve already learned some production tips for next time and hope to keep learning more. I just want to try and keep reaching people an tryng to help tem:) Keeo yor comments coming all feedback is appreciated. I loved you vid.

  15. Very good first effort. Audio needs a little work. There was an annoying hum/roar in the backround. Otherwise, good job.

  16. Ah, This is great! Clarifies
    some contradictions I’ve read

  17. You are soooo talented in writing. God is really utilizing you in miraculous methods. You are doing a great job! This was an awesome weblog!

  18. Steve

    Nice job. I agree with Harold (Feb 3) comment that it would be good to have general info about JMJ Direct. (In the intro or after your presentation) Overall, good stuff John! I’m sure you’ll get more comfortable on your next one. Congrats on launching this! (I like your STG paddle in the background!) Let us know when your next one is up.
    Eat Saltines,

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