Episode II of JMJ Direct TV

This is the second installment of JMJ Directs monthly web show. 

Thank you for joining us, your input, feedback and participation is appreciated.



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10 responses to “Episode II of JMJ Direct TV

  1. Lynette

    Great job… one little thing, when you were holding up the cards, it was so quick, you barely got a glance of the cards. Have fun at the mountains!

  2. Mark Todd

    Good work! You looked less serious. If you intend to continue to pitch a singular marketing tool for each session, you may want to consider having an unobtrusive footer at the bottom of the screen such as “Die-Cut tri-color impact postcards”, so that viewers can (while they listen to the TV snipit) read and remember the tag-line.

    Or scroll it like ESPN.


    • Thanks. I am realizing there are so many production things that eventually I can improve. It is a work in progress… and I will keep working. We will strive to continue down the path of less serious.

  3. Chris Chesar

    Nice work John… Much more relaxed. Someone mentioned already… holding the samples up longer would be cool. Thumbs Up~!

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  5. Steve

    You & FDR with the fireside chats! You seem more relaxed and stated what you do and how you’re complying/working with the USPS. Instead of holding up your examples, maybe break away to a Power Point of what you’re demonstrating and talking through the examples. Then you control what the viewer is seeing, the detail you want them to see, all while describing what they’re seeing. Nicely done John. Looking forward to seeing the trilogy!

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