What is Energy Deregulation?

Do you remember years ago when everyone had to use AT&T for their long-distance telephone service?  That changed when the telecom industry deregulated, which gave customers a choice.  This is now true in many states with the deregulation of electricity and natural gas.

Deregulation of electricity means the “Generation” portion of your bill is now open to competition allowing you to choose who supplies your energy. Your local utility will continue to deliver your electricity and to provide service, reliability and billing. The local utility is actually encouraging you to choose a different supplier. Now is the perfect time for you to participate in the huge economic shift that is taking place in energy deregulation. When telecom deregulated it was an $80 billion-a-year industry and many people made fortunes.

The energy market,Electricity and Natural gas is estimated to be over 500 Billion dollars.

That’s why many experts, like Warren Buffett & Bill Gates, say that the deregulation of energy will lead to the greatest transfer of wealth in our lifetimes.  The only question is: are you going to participate?

Electricity is a product that your friends, family and co-workers already pay for every month. There is no need to convince them to use it; they already do. You are actually doing the people you know a favor by simply informing them that they have a choice. This is what separates the Stream Energy powered by Ignite, from other opportunities.  By simply educating the people you know about the benefits of deregulation, you can save some money and create a meaningful income.


John Clauss

Clauss Energy

Brought to you by Stream,

Powered by Ignite


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  1. That was a great synopsis of what energy deregulation is. I don’t know what state you live in, but I know tons of people who are actually looking for answers about comparing electricity in their area. I used http://www.compareelectricity.com to find out about deregulation in my area and thought it might inspire you to write another blog!

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