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100 Things I’m Thankful for

This list is posted today in conjunction with the Daily Primer conference call I am doing tonight. 9:15P 5/23 SHOWERS 559-726-1200 Code 474397# You need to love the little things… One day I will have an excerpt from a friends manifesto which covers this topic as well. This list is in no particular order… well lets say it is not weighted 1-100 but it was the first 100 that came to mind…. I hope you enjoy reading it and I think you should all do it. Make your list and post it here.

1. Showers

2. My Children

3. Christa

4 My Parents

5. My Brother and Sisters….

Those are the easy low hanging fruits.

6. My Health…. Funny one for right now…. many have it worse than I

7. My ability to LEARN

8. My faith (growing faith)

9. Chocolate Chip Cookies right out of the oven

10. The sound of rain

11. The smell of the beach

12. The sound of waves.

13. Having all 5 senses

14. Thanksgiving Dinner

15. A good sweat

16. The smile you get when you simple hold the door for someone

17. The feeling you fer when the clock strokes midnight on NYE

18. The incredible love I remember from my Grandmother… I hope she is proud of me

19. Ignite

20. Moms Special Baked Macoroni and Cheese

21. Pizza

22 The fact that my daughter has a 4.0… for ever I think

23. That I was able to be with my sons at a Roy Holaday No Hitter

24. That I have coached both my sons with my father

25. That I’m not embarrassed that I cry at stupid commercials

26. Christmas Morning at my parents

27. New Years Eve Dinner

28. Baseball…

29. Free Will

30. Popcorn at the Movies

31. The excitement of vacation

32. The little feeling you get in your stomach before you do something scary

33. CheeseSteaks

34. Soft Pretzels

35. March Madness

36. When you know you CONNECT with someone

37. The smell of a real fire

38. How easy it is to turn on a gas log

39. That anything is possible

40. United States of America

41. When you see yourself in your kids… even though it isn’t always for the best things

42. Sleeping In… This ones a little fake I think cause I never sleep in… But I will get my to let me wake up when I’m done sleeping.

43. When my water lilies bloom in the pond

44. When the same Ducks come back to our pond every year… 8 years 😦 Only one this yr)

45. A warm Blanket when your cold

46. A cool pillow when your hot

47. Cranking the air in a hotel room… Remember the Alaska room

48. Finding a heads up penny

49. Finding a Dollar Bill on ground or more

50. Finding money in a pocket

51. BEER

52. Motorized Wheel Chair (Thanks Joe Kelly)

53. My Dad building the contraption to keep my leg up

54. Cooperstown Tournament

55. Thought of going to Cooperstown Tournament AGAIN

56. Buffalo Wings

57. Eating Buffalo Wings where they were invented (DH)

58. Going to Atlanta and Toronto for the Phillies World Series run in 93

59 Phillies World series championship in 2008

60. Going to the parade with Christa and the boys

61. Popcorn at the movies

62. Warm socks

63. Hitting a homerun and knowing it right away.

64. Hitting a pure golf shot

65. Having a Hole In One (1)

66. Playing Golf with my Dad and Brothers (and now son)

67. Duck Trip

68. SeaScape

69. Hope

70. When you laugh so hard you feel like your going to pee

71. Being at the beach with family

72. trying new things

73. slop

74. Having lunch with my dad today

75. camp innabah

76. My education

77. My continuing education and growth

78. Christian leaning on me now.

79. Jayne being acknowledged for having4.0

80. Doubling with CA. Gooble gooble

81. Realizing I’m not in control

82. The numerous people that have helped me since I hurt leg.

83. My pit crew

84. Jack Nissley

85. That jm got me to like country music

86. Honeycrisp apples

87. Being at the ballpark

88. The national anthem

89. Hot dogs

90. Finishing marathon with my brothers

91. sunrises

92. Sunsets

93. That im going to make wine with my brother

94. Music

95. My surgery was a success

96. My children are healty

97. Bacon. Or just the whole pig.

98. Pizza.. Dont think I said but if I did it should be there twice.

99. Love

100. GOD

I hope many of you do this… even if you dont post here. Its a great exercise. I would have a very difficult time putting it in order.

Thanks to everyone that reads this


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What is Energy Deregulation?

Do you remember years ago when everyone had to use AT&T for their long-distance telephone service?  That changed when the telecom industry deregulated, which gave customers a choice.  This is now true in many states with the deregulation of electricity and natural gas.

Deregulation of electricity means the “Generation” portion of your bill is now open to competition allowing you to choose who supplies your energy. Your local utility will continue to deliver your electricity and to provide service, reliability and billing. The local utility is actually encouraging you to choose a different supplier. Now is the perfect time for you to participate in the huge economic shift that is taking place in energy deregulation. When telecom deregulated it was an $80 billion-a-year industry and many people made fortunes.

The energy market,Electricity and Natural gas is estimated to be over 500 Billion dollars.

That’s why many experts, like Warren Buffett & Bill Gates, say that the deregulation of energy will lead to the greatest transfer of wealth in our lifetimes.  The only question is: are you going to participate?

Electricity is a product that your friends, family and co-workers already pay for every month. There is no need to convince them to use it; they already do. You are actually doing the people you know a favor by simply informing them that they have a choice. This is what separates the Stream Energy powered by Ignite, from other opportunities.  By simply educating the people you know about the benefits of deregulation, you can save some money and create a meaningful income.


John Clauss

Clauss Energy

Brought to you by Stream,

Powered by Ignite

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