Do you Poken? Have you Poken’d? Will you Poken?

We have already said Social Networking is here to stay,  now the task at hand is making it easier to connect.  Poken is here to help.

What is Poken?  It is your “electronic social business card.”   You can share your contact and social network info with just a touch.   You touch your Poken to another Poken and your contact information is exchanged.   Currently, Facebook, LinkedIn, MySpace, Twitter, Vimeo,  AIM, Yahoo Messanger,  MSN and Skype as well as many other networks are Poken compatible.

You can also customize Poken with your logo and even preloaded content.  USB’s have become popular promotional item, Poken takes it a step further.

Click here to see a video description rom the founder of Poken.

Contact John Clauss at JMJ Direct  for more information about Poken

JMJ Direct – 215-491-4130 –



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2 responses to “Do you Poken? Have you Poken’d? Will you Poken?

  1. Robin

    Love the concept of Poken… what a unique tool to maintain and gather contacts. Sure beats the old fashion business card… Ideal for young and young at heart… wish they had these around when I was in High School or College.

    The application is easy, catchy and eye appealing… who wouldn’t want to poken???

  2. Poken is the coolest gadget for connecting people offline. It’s getting a lot buzz and I’m sure we are going to see alot of people with these in their hands this year.

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